बिमानस्थलमा अवतरण गर्न लागेको बिमानलाइ हावाले हल्लाएर झन्डै भएन ठुलो दुर्घटना, भिडियो भाइरल बन्दै (भिडियो)

Ciara is facing the “Storm of the Century”. Hundreds of flights and trains were cancelled across northwest Europe earlier this week as Storm Ciara swept in. The storm brought it in torrential rainfall and heavy winds. It also flooded hundreds of homes and left flights disrupted.

On Sunday, the pilot of a Stobart Air flight was forced to abort landing at the Birmingham Airport. A stirring footage was captured at the airport, which shows the Embraer aircraft being blown sideways by Storm Ciara.

The plane was seen lurching left and right before it unsuccessfully attempted to touch down on the runway. According to the Daily Mail, the Stobart Air flight was arriving from Belfast. The pilot was finally forced to abort the landing and take-off again.

The heart-stopping video of the plane’s landing has been viewed more than 3 lakh times on YouTube.

“Wow extremely impressive footage!” wrote one person in the comments section. “Amazing footage. You’ve done a great job recording this. But I am sure that it wasn’t such a great experience for the passengers,” said another.

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